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Welcome to the Advocacy Unified Network (AUN) Publications page, your gateway to a curated collection of insightful and impactful books. As an international public policy research and advocacy organization, AUN is dedicated to advancing knowledge, promoting dialogue, and catalyzing change across borders and disciplines.

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On our Publications page, you will find a selection of published books authored or co-authored by experts affiliated with AUN. Each book offers in-depth analysis, innovative solutions, and evidence-based insights into critical issues shaping our world today. From governance and human rights to sustainable development and social justice, our books cover a diverse range of topics relevant to policymakers, researchers, activists, and practitioners worldwide.

Global Governance and Advocacy Compass for UNSC Non-permanent Members


About this book:

We are delighted to introduce our newest publication, the “Global Governance and Advocacy Compass: A Handbook for 2024.”

Crafted by leading experts in the field and meticulously curated by our dedicated team, this handbook offers a comprehensive overview of the pivotal events, emerging trends, and effective advocacy strategies that defined the landscape of global governance in the year 2024. From regional elections to high-stakes international summits, from geopolitical shifts to urgent humanitarian crises, this handbook provides invaluable insights into the multifaceted dynamics of global governance.

Page Count: 181
Genre: Non-fiction, specifically within the realm of Political Science and International Relations. It serves as an informative resource providing analysis, insights, and practical guidance on navigating the landscape of global governance and advocacy efforts.
On Sale from: 26.01.2024
Price: Euro 19.90 (Paperback)
Decoding Justice

About this book:

We are thrilled to present our latest publication, “Decoding Justice: Socio-Economic Dimensions,” authored by the esteemed Chairman of Advocacy Unified Network, Mr. Arindam Bhattacharya.


Meticulously crafted and curated, this book offers a profound exploration into the intricate interplay between legal decisions and their profound socio-economic ramifications. Drawing on Mr. Bhattacharya’s extensive expertise as a corporate and international trade lawyer, researcher, social entrepreneur, and former law-maker, this book navigates through historical perspectives and contemporary challenges to offer a compelling narrative on the essence of justice in our modern world. 


Page Count: 361
Genre:  Non-fiction, with a focus on Legal Studies and Socio-Economics. “Decoding Justice: Socio-Economic Dimensions” provides in-depth analysis, insights, and practical guidance on understanding the complex interplay between legal decisions and their socio-economic implications.
On Sale from: 15.03.2024
Price: Euro 31.93 (Hardback)

Decoding Justice

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