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With the advent of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with its all-inclusive approach, new models of collaboration are transforming the way different sectors approach and tackle shared sustainable development risks and opportunities. To materialize this new challenge and to stand for the cause ADVOCACY UNIFIED NETWORK (AUN) is formed. In many countries, the government action in support of the SDGs can be undermined by state fragility, conflict, corruption, institutional failure, lack of political will and un-involvement of the stakeholders in the policy-making process. These constraints and governance gaps point to the need for active engagement by civil society organizations and businesses, not to replicate government responsibilities or let them “off the hook”, but to advocate for policy reforms, organizing public resources in support of the SDGs, to unlock additional resources and enhance capabilities to achieve better implementation.

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Joint advocacy is AUN's ultimate solution to the world for sustainability

Advocacy Unified Network (AUN) is a non-governmental organization with a multi-sectional network that informs and mobilizes the policy makers, businesses or corporates and the civil society, in all regions of the world to advance transparent, accountable and democratic policy making, conducive for sustainable development, with inclusion of all the stakeholders for achieving sustainable growth, international peace and security under the Rule of Law.
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