Global Presence

The AUN consists of a Governing Board, a General Assembly, International Council, four regions (one each for Africa, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Americas), Sectoral Organisations, National Groups, thematic committees and affiliated organisations

AUN Regions:

  • AUN Asia – Pacific
  • AUN Africa
  • AUN European Union
  • AUN Americas

AUN National Group

  • AUN members can create a National Group in the country of their origin or nationality. The National Group should be:
    • composed of at least 10 individuals comprising of at least 1 policy maker, 2 business entities and the rest from Civil society
    • open to all race, religion, nationality, gender and ethnicity
  • National Groups shall accept the Constitution and By-Laws of AUN.
  • Any member who wishes to form a National Group must inform the Secretary in writing at priyasa@aunetwork.org
  • Once the decision has been made to create a National Group, all the members of that National Group must be invited within 30 days’ notice to join the National Group in presence of a representative from the Governing Body of AUN.
  • National Groups shall hold at least one general meeting annually in which they elect National Group officers (for example, the Chair and, as appropriate, Vice-Chair(s), Secretary and Treasurer) with due regard to gender balance. At this meeting, the National Group shall designate their representative (normally the Chair) of the National Group to the International Council, with written confirmation to the Secretary AUN. After a term of two-years, the representative of the National Group to the International Council may be replaced by another member within the Group.
  • National Groups shall submit a written annual report to the International Council Chair within 45 days in advance of the annual International Council meeting. Group reports should include names of members, including officers (see paragraph 5 above) and information regarding the annual collection of membership fees. Members or Groups who have not paid AUN membership up-to-date will not be able to vote. Payment can be accepted just prior to the International Council meeting.
  • The Chair of the International Council and the AUN’s Chairman shall certify to the Executive Committee those national groups that have met the guidelines.

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