Celebrating Diversity
AUN - Uniting Voices
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Let us build a better world together with AUN

Our primary objective is to promote sustainable growth, international peace and security through collaborative works of policy makers, corporates and civil society

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Your small help can make a difference

Make a donation or become a volunteer to help AUN achieve sustainable development goals and efficient policy making

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Advocacy collaboration to address global issues and challenges

AUN delivers a platform for its members for discussing major concerns and finding solutions

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Advocacy Unified Network is a non-profit organization at the crossroads between Policy and Politics

Policy makers, researchers, business entities and civil society members discuss together for campaigns

Celebrating diversity
Uniting Voices for Change
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Let's make a difference today with AUN

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About Advocacy Unified Network : AUN

Joint Advocacy for transforming our world

With the advent of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the need for active engagement, AUN serves as a unified network advocating for policy reforms and leveraging policy instruments to address shared sustainable development risks and opportunities. We recognize that government actions towards the SDGs can be hindered by state fragility, conflict, corruption, and institutional failure. By uniting civil society organizations, businesses, and policymakers, we aim to bridge governance gaps, enhance policy advocacy, and unlock additional resources for better SDG implementation. Join Advocacy Unified Network to drive positive change, advocate for policy reforms, and contribute to the achievement of the SDGs. Together, let’s make a difference through unified action and policy instruments.


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AUN Research and Analysis

Collaborative Resource Mobilization by Environmental NGOs: Addressing Global Climate Concerns

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Sustainable Development in Island Countries: Challenges and Opportunities

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AUN Articles and Commentaries

AUN Training for unified network group

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Advocacy Groups for Public Policy Research: Joining Forces for Change

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A small help from you could create a significant impact on achieving sustainable goals. Join our fundraising campaign and contribute to make our world a better place.

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