AUN’s Action and Impact in the Ukraine Crisis: Safeguarding Displaced Women and Children

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In response to the devastating Ukraine-Russia conflict and the Ukraine crisis, the Advocacy Unified Network (AUN) took swift action on the ground from 21st April 2022. With a mission to assess the situation of displaced Ukrainian women and children, especially girl children, AUN conducted a comprehensive survey in collaboration with professional researchers from Ukraine, Hungary, Romania, Poland, and the Czech Republic.

The goal was to collect real-time data and analyze the needs of the affected population to provide vital findings to friendly nations. Throughout the challenging conflict situation, AUN’s team of dedicated volunteers, especially women, ensured the victims could openly share their problems. After successfully completing a year-long operation, AUN is ready to present five extensive reports and an Impact Assessment report on its official website.


ACT in Ukraine Crisis

Team AUN initiated action on the ground on 21st April 2022 amidst the ongoing Ukraine-Russia conflict. Their primary objective was to conduct a survey and gather real-time data on the situation of displaced Ukrainian women and children. With unwavering dedication, the survey team interviewed 365 distressed Ukrainian women to gain valuable insights into their circumstances.


Plan in Ukraine Crisis: AUN’s plan during the Ukraine crisis was multifaceted:

Plan in Ukraine Crisis
  1. Assess the Situation: AUN aimed to assess the actual situation of displaced Ukrainian women and children, with a specific focus on girl children, who were particularly vulnerable during the conflict.
  2. Analyze Requirements: The data collected from the survey was thoroughly analyzed to identify the specific needs and challenges the affected population faces.
  3. Provide Findings: AUN intended to share the research findings with friendly nations and international organizations to raise awareness and garner support for displaced communities.
  4. Ensure Wellbeing and Resettlement: AUN is committed to ensuring the well-being of the affected individuals and facilitating their safe resettlement, protecting them from human traffickers and exploitation.

Do – Action in Crisis

To achieve its goals, AUN launched a massive survey campaign in Ukraine, Hungary, Romania, Poland, and the Czech Republic. The research team, comprising experienced professionals familiar with working in challenging conflict situations like the Ukraine-Russia conflict, led the data collection efforts. By employing a team predominantly consisting of women volunteers, AUN ensured a safe and comfortable environment for victims to share their experiences and challenges openly.


Check – Monitoring in Crisis

Recognizing the prolonged and uncertain nature of the crisis, AUN divided the entire project into three phases. This approach allowed for effective monitoring and timely adjustments to cater to the evolving needs of the affected population.


Impact and Reports

After a long and daunting operation that lasted over a year, AUN has successfully accomplished its mission. Armed with extensive data and valuable insights, the organization has prepared five comprehensive reports that shed light on the plight of displaced Ukrainian women and children. Additionally, an Impact Assessment report details the efficacy and outcomes of AUN’s efforts throughout the crisis. These reports, a testament to AUN’s commitment and dedication, will be made available to the public on the official website of the Advocacy Unified Network.



AUN’s unwavering action in the Ukraine crisis has exemplified its commitment to protecting and safeguarding the most vulnerable populations. By conducting extensive surveys, analyzing real-time data, and involving experienced professionals and volunteers, especially women, AUN has significantly impacted the lives of displaced women and children. The organization’s dedication and comprehensive approach have paved the way for better understanding and support for those affected by the Ukraine-Russia conflict. As the crisis continues, AUN remains steadfast in its mission to advocate for the well-being and successful resettlement of displaced communities.


Reported by:

Francisca Oliviera

Research Coordinator, Advocacy Unified Network

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