Public Policy Research: A Beginner’s Guide

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Research on public policy is an integral part of how any government or organization makes decisions. It helps leaders and policymakers see how their actions affect people and make decisions that are in the public’s best interest. If you’re new to the idea of researching public policy, this guide will help you get a good grasp of the basics.

What is Public Policy Research?

Research on public policy is the process of collecting and analyzing data to help make decisions about public policy. It means researching social, economic, and political issues to determine the effects of different policy choices. The goal of public policy research is to come up with recommendations based on facts that will make people’s lives better.

The Research Methodology

There are several steps to the research process for public policy research. Among these steps are:

Identifying the Problem – The first step in the research process is to identify the problem or issue that needs to be addressed. This could be about anything, from improving health care to protecting the environment.

Formulating a Hypothesis: Once the problem has been identified, the researcher will come up with a hypothesis that will guide the research.

Collecting Data: The researcher will then gather data to test the hypothesis. This could be done through surveys, interviews, or looking at existing data.

Analyzing Data: The data that has been collected will be looked at to see if the hypothesis is supported or not.

Drawing Conclusions: The researcher will conclude and make policy recommendations based on the data analysis.

The Importance of Public Policy Research

Public policy research is vital to how governments and organizations decide what to do. It helps leaders understand how their decisions affect the public and determine the best policies. Without public policy research, people who make decisions would have to rely on assumptions and personal beliefs instead of evidence-based recommendations.

Research on public policy also helps promotes transparency and accountability. By making decisions based on data, policymakers can be held accountable for their actions and show why they made the choices they did.


Research on public policy is an integral part of decision-making that affect the public. It gives policymakers recommendations based on facts that help them make decisions that are good for the well-being of citizens. By learning the basics of public policy research, you can better understand why the laws that affect your daily life are made the way they are.

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