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The Hazrat Saleem Chishti Foundation, headquartered in Fatehpur Sikri, Agra, was founded by His Holiness Peerzada Ayazuddin Chishti alias Rais Mian, who is the 16th generation direct descendent of saint Hazrat Saleem Chishti of the 15th century. He is the Sajjadah Nashin, or spiritual head of Hazrat Saleem Chishti’s dargah. His organization works to spread the message of peace and brotherhood to make the world a better place for all humanity, especially those less fortunate. Learn more about this life-changing foundation and its message of hope today!

The foundation’s history

The Hazrat Saleem Chishti Foundation was officially registered in 2007 to follow Hazrat Saleem Chishti’s preachings. The foundation is named after a Sufi saint of the 15th century who preached the message of universal fraternity, national integration, world peace, humanity, poverty elevation, and universal love. The foundation’s headquarters is Fatehpur Sikri, Agra, a UNESCO world heritage site. The Buland Darwaza, one of the main gates to the Dargah Fatehpur Sikri, was built by Akbar in honor of Hazrat Saleem Chishti. It is said that it took 14 years for construction to be completed, and because of its imposing size, the gateway became known as Buland Darwaza. The famous dargah on the banks of River Yamuna remains an important pilgrimage destination for people across India and a global touristic destination. Some tourists visit the foundation, interested in knowing more about Hazrat Saleem Chishti’s life and teachings. They are often offered prayers followed by maraghba or meditation and Islamic devotional music called Qawwali or sufiana kalaam.

The premises of the HSCF also house two large halls which can accommodate nearly 1500 visitors at a time. These are used for various functions like seminars, conferences, interactive exhibitions, workshops, etc., which are organized year-round.

Spread of the message in India

The Hazrat Saleem Chishti Foundation is headquartered in Fatehpur Sikri, Agra, a UNESCO world heritage site. The foundation spreads the message of universal fraternity, national integration, world peace, humanity, poverty elevation, and universal love. The foundation has been working to spread the message in India. The Dargah Fatehpur Sikri is one of the holiest sites in India. It is believed that if you pray at the Dargah, your wishes will be granted. The foundation has been working to spread the message of Hazrat Saleem Chishti to people all over India. They have now opened educational centers in Fatehpur Sikri for students who cannot afford formal education. They have also launched their social broadcasting through the internet. The platform broadcasts Hazrat Saleem Chishti lectures and talks on human rights, women’s rights, empowerment, health, hygiene, etc.

It also provides opportunities for employment to young men through vocational training centers like sewing centers, tailoring centers, etc., teaching children English language skills; providing free medical care; distributing humanitarian aid across many parts of India, including Bihar, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, etc.; providing financial assistance for marriages; donating electricity-powered lamps to those without access to electricity and much more. These are just some of the many services the Hazrat Saleem Chishti Foundation performs to bring hope to everyone.

National integration

When the world seems more divided than ever, the message of national integration is one that we all need to hear. The Hazrat Saleem Chishti Foundation is working to spread this message, and we can all do our part to help. We can show the world we are united by coming together and working towards a common goal. Even if you don’t have much money to donate, you can still contribute by spreading awareness on social media or participating in community events. Together, let’s unite for peace!

Humans have always longed for a place where people are judged by their deeds instead of their skin color, gender, or age. Today’s political climate reminds us how far off that dream is. People are feeling marginalized because of religion or gender; politicians are using fear tactics to scare voters into supporting them; countries are being torn apart because of tribal loyalties – these things sound like something out of a fantasy novel instead of real-life today’s world. Thankfully, there is hope in sight: The Hazrat Saleem Chishti Foundation has taken it upon itself to promote tolerance and brotherhood through interfaith unity and harmony. Their efforts are helping bring together people from diverse backgrounds under one flag — humanity.

World Peace

In a world that seems to be constantly at war, it’s refreshing to hear about a message of peace. The Hazrat Saleem Chishti Foundation is based on the preachings of a Sufi saint from the 15th century, and its mission is to spread his message of universal fraternity and love. In a time where we are divided, it’s important to remember that we are all human beings first and foremost. We all want the same things in life: to be happy and loved. The foundation is headquartered in Fatehpur Sikri, Agra, a beautiful city with a rich history. One goal of the foundation is to provide schooling for children who cannot afford an education. They also offer free food programs, healthcare, and counseling services for victims of trafficking.Additionally, they promote heritage conservation through efforts such as restoring cultural monuments in the area. Through work such as this, they hope to create more positive change in the world – one step at a time! Empathy goes a long way in achieving peace; by thinking about others’ feelings and experiences, you open your mind to seeing both sides of an argument.

The Hazrat Saleem Chishti Foundation is working hard to make the world a better place by caring for those who need help most – by teaching them that everyone deserves fundamental human rights like education, clean water, shelter, and freedom from violence.

Let’s hope these efforts continue so that our future generations can grow up feeling safe in their homes and live without fear or prejudice.


At the heart of the Hazrat Saleem Chishti Foundation’s message is humanity. The foundation preaches that we are all equal in the eyes of God, regardless of our religion, race, or nationality. We are all part of the human family and must love and care for one another. Only by coming together can we hope to achieve world peace. With this goal in mind, the HSCF provides humanitarian aid to people affected by conflict and poverty-stricken communities worldwide. They often partner with other non-profit organizations to provide sustainable development programs such as education and health care. Today, many groups preach hatred and separatism, leading to more unresolved conflicts. As a result, new generations grow up without understanding their country’s history or culture, leading them down a path of violence and hatred.

Fatehpur Sikri was once an important cultural center where people would come from all over India to learn about tolerance and the importance of living together peacefully. The HSCF has been working hard to re-establish these values by teaching children about Indian culture through art workshops and teaching them Hindi through interactive classes.

Poverty alleviation

The first step to alleviating poverty is to recognize that it exists. Too often, people turn a blind eye to poverty because it makes them uncomfortable. However, ignoring poverty does not make it go away. It allows poverty to fester and grow. The next step is to understand the root causes of poverty. Once the root causes are identified, they can be addressed through policy changes, public awareness campaigns, and other initiatives. Finally, we must all work together to eradicate poverty. We can do this by supporting organizations working to end poverty, volunteering our time and resources, and speaking out against injustice.

Recognizing and understanding poverty is essential, but so is doing something about it. At times, overcoming your biases may help eliminate some preconceived notions about what causes poverty. To start with, we know that money isn’t everything when fighting poverty. Money alone cannot eliminate these issues; many impoverished communities also suffer from a lack of adequate education, healthcare systems, and infrastructures such as roads and water supplies. Additionally, physical factors like arid climates or land unsuitable for farming can play a role in causing or worsening hunger or even starvation on an individual level. Poverty can only be eradicated if each of us takes responsibility for it. If you’re reading this, please consider donating to the Hazrat Saleem Chishti Foundation. Together, we can put an end to poverty!

Universal Love

Love is the most powerful emotion in the world. It can break through barriers and transcend differences. The Hazrat Saleem Chishti Foundation is committed to spreading the message of love and understanding across cultures and religions. They hope to bring people together and promote peace and harmony in our world through their work. Some initiatives include providing medical treatment for needy families, promoting education for children with special needs, and helping orphans find a family. They also organize interfaith discussions where members of different faiths come together to share ideas and create dialogue. They plan on opening a school in Fatehpur Sikri so that students can learn about one another’s cultures while being educated by teachers who understand those same backgrounds. Their goal is to provide the opportunity for all children to receive an excellent education, no matter what part of the world they live in. Their website states The future belongs to those who prepare today. We are hopeful that this beautiful organization will inspire others around the globe and contribute to an era of peace and prosperity for all humankind.

Global Message of the Foundation

The Hazrat Saleem Chishti Foundation is committed to spreading the message of universal fraternity, national integration, world peace, humanity, poverty elevation, and universal love. The foundation seeks to promote these values through its various programs and initiatives. The foundation’s work is inspired by the preachings of Hazrat Saleem Chishti, a Sufi saint of the 15th century. The foundation’s headquarters are located in Fatehpur Sikri, Agra, India. The foundation intends to have a global reach and is committed to promoting its message of hope and peace to all corners of the world. It plans to extend humanitarian assistance to people affected by war and natural disasters in Asia, Africa, Europe, America, and Oceania and to people living with disabilities in every country. It also works with several international NGOs to support disaster-stricken regions worldwide, including the Advocacy Unified Network as its research partner. In addition to providing medical care and rehabilitation facilities for children suffering from congenital deformities such as cerebral palsy or blindness, it also operates special schools for those with disabilities like autism spectrum disorder or learning disabilities through numerous partnerships with other organizations that share common goals. The foundation endeavor to make this a better world for everyone.


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